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Rock Solid Underwriting

CONFIDENT Dental is backed by rock-solid underwriting. With a variety of benefit plan solutions, you get more of what you want, from the people you know. cbg continues to provide the high-quality personal service that you’ve come to know and love.

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Customize the Perfect Offering

CONFIDENT Dental allows you to customize the perfect dental offering to meet the many needs of your varied client base. The following options may be available based on group size and employer contribution:

  • $1000, 1250, $1500, $2000 calendar year maximum
  • $0, $25 or $50 calendar year deductible
  • Elect to waive waiting periods
  • 80th, 90th or 95% percentile R & C
  • Move endodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery from major to basic
  • Child or adult orthodontia $1000 or $1500 lifetime maximum

Click the PDF link below for details on CONFIDENT Dental plans.

CONFIDENT Dental Brochure


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